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Line 6 - Hal Leonard Corporation
Spider V Guitar Amp Cover

Line 6 - Hal Leonard Corporation
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Spider V  Guitar Amp with Modeling
Featuring a huge collection of upgraded amp and effects models, a clean and modern design, and a specialized full-range speaker system, Spider V 30 is the best sounding and easiest to use Spider ever. Choose from over 200 newly refined amps, cabs and effects. Quickly dial-in the perfect tone using simple color-coded controls. The bi-amped full-range speaker system delivers incredible depth and clarity for both electric and acoustic guitars. Plus, Spider V 30 is packed with over 100 specially designed presets – including iconic rigs, artist-built tones and Line 6 originals – giving you instant access toan arsenal of professionally dialed-in sounds. More than just a great amplifier, it's the Spider you've been waiting for.

Features include:
• 30-60 and 120 Watt modeling guitar amp

• Tons of amp and FX models accessed via fast and easy controls

• Full-range speakers sound great with electrics, acoustics and music

• 128 crafted presets include iconic rigs & classic artist tones

• Built-in tuner, metronome and real drummer loops . Keep everything sounding great with a built-in tuner. Keep your riffs in time and on point with a metronome. And hone your timing and chops by playing along with a collection of real drummer loops recorded by pro musicians.

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