Teaching Music Online Distance learning tips for music educators

Browse resources that our customers have found valuable for their modern music classrooms. Digital downloads, reproducible books, and other versatile tools can serve as inspiration as you plan for the upcoming weeks - and they offer fast solutions that adhere to both copyright law and education standards. Looking for even more ideas and tips for facilitating online learning? Check out our recent Cued In blog on engaging with your students in the virtual classroom. Whether your students are creating, performing, or responding, know that these resources are there for you as you navigate this uncharted time.

Perform and teach from home with ePrint® and MP3 audio files

Looking to add to your music library and start planning lessons or performing from home? Experience the ease of ePrint and purchase your favorite selections for immediate use. Or think about part-predominant MP3 files to make learning parts from home a breeze.

Plan your program, save your work

Program Planner lets you build lists of music for future concerts, services and all your programming ideas. Stay connected and creative during this time as you prepare for next time your ensemble can gather in person. You can easily share your lists with students and colleagues so they can listen and purchase. Simply add titles while you shop and then go to My Library to organize your selections. Your folders become playlists so you can preview the programs you create.