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Martin Schroeder & Liselotte Schell - Mel Bay Publications Inc.
Ukulele Bass Manual Cover

Martin Schroeder & Liselotte Schell - Mel Bay Publications Inc.
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This ukulele bass handbook offers a theoretical introduction to the development of the instrument and its maintenance, stringing and care. Discover the secret of the "UBass": how can such a small instrument make a sound that deep? Co-author Martin "Bassmati" Schroeder put the Kala UBass to the acid test and lets us take part in his experiences in studio and live recordings. The theoretical part is followed by tunes, bass lines, songs and catchy grooves to help you to learn. Cajon and UBass fit together really well, so we included simple band scores for guitar, cajon and UBass to show you how a true rhythm section grooves. Includes access to online video.

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