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Don Collins - Cambiata Press
There Is a Lady Cover

Don Collins - Cambiata Press
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Publisher Desc.  The text and voicing of There is a Lady is particularly suited for all- boys groups.  Part I (written in the treble clef) is limited to the comfortable singing area of  A-A (above and below middle C) which makes it appropriate for Boy Trebles and/or Cambiatas (boys in the first phase of change).  Part II is written in the bass clef and is limited to the comfortable singing area of the changing voice Baritone (the second phase of change) of D-D (above and below middle C).   When the part drops below E (below middle C), optional notes have been added for the light Baritone (boys who are in the second phase of change but whose voices as of yet have not added  the lower pitches)
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