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Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual License Boxed Retail Version Cover

AVID - Hal Leonard Corporation
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Create massive mixes
Pro Tools | Ultimate (formerly Pro Tools | HD) comes with everything you need to take on more demanding music and immersive audio productions. With advanced recording, editing, and automation tools and full surround sound support, you can create large-scale mixes with up to 256 simultaneous audio tracks using just the software—or up to 768 tracks with Pro Tools | HDX.
Mix and automate multichannel audio
From mono and stereo sound, to 5.1, 7.1, and immersive audio, Pro Tools | Ultimate provides the most efficient workflows and advanced automation to handle the largest music, soundtrack, Dolby Atmos, and Ambisonics productions. Plus, VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and a built-in surround panner accelerate the mixing process. You can even explore alternative versions of a mix with Project Revisions.
Sound your best
Pro Tools is renowned for its sound. Get the most pristine sound quality when tracking to a Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native system. And you don’t have to nail a perfect performance to create that perfect take. Hone performances with powerful tools, including loop recording and track playlists, and comp together a flawless performance from multiple passes. And replace parts quickly with punch-recording workflows.
Take hands-on control of your mix
Experience the deepest level of integration when you pair Pro Tools with any EUCON-enabled control surface—including Pro Tools | S6, Pro Tools | S3, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | Control, and Artist Mix. Speed up recording, editing, and mixing tasks with access to tracks, plug-ins, and automation control right from the surface. You can even create custom keys to perform practically any Pro Tools function with a single button press.
Collaborate in the cloud
Imagine being able to work on a project with other Pro Tools users online—as if you’re all working together in the same studio. You can with Avid Cloud Collaboration. Work with up to 10 collaborators on a single project. Access projects from anywhere using any Pro Tools-equipped computer.
Fuel your creativity with pro plug-ins
Polish mixes with over 60 AAX plug-ins. From high-quality virtual instruments, to classic effects, you have everything to get started shaping and enhancing your sound. If you’re a subscriber or have a 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan, you also get access to every audio plug-in we offer* in the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle, plus Pro Tools | MachineControl.
Edit audio with ease
Pro Tools | Ultimate offers advanced editing tools, so you can reshape sounds, fix what’s funky, and edit tracks with ultimate flexibility and precision. Quickly trim clips, replace regions, create automatic fades, and batch process fades and clip names. Change tempo or timing on the fly with Elastic Time. You can even make bad notes sound pitch perfect with Elastic Pitch.
Connect and share your work
Pro Tools makes it easy to find new collaborators and clients to expand your creative opportunities. Connect online with an extensive network of media professionals in the Avid Artist Community, where you can share your mixes and promote your skills.

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