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arr. Buen Suerte - Cambiata Press
Poor Man Laz'rus Cover

arr. Buen Suerte - Cambiata Press
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This familiar tune has great energy and is easy to sing. The piano part is decorative and adds to the energy of the piece. When the piece is sung by a mixed group it should be voiced SC. When sung by all-girls groups, it is voiced SA. When sung by older adolescent all-boys groups, Part I may be sung by changed- or changing-voice Baritones (boys in the second phase of change) 8va down. Or if the piece is used in the early mid-level grades, Part 1may be sung by the Boy Trebles or Sopranos. In either case, Part II should be sung at actual pitch by Boy Trebles and/or Cambiatas (boys in the first phase of change.
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